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Taxes, major awards, the Post Office and a makeover … SPJ style

Status is important – don’t lose it!

It’s that time of year – holiday bustle, good food and great friends, just like the ones at the IRS.

They’ve asked that our chapters file their annual Form 990’s by Dec. 15. That’s a little over a month away, so mark your calendars or, better yet, just get it over with.

Those chapters whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less can electronically submit Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard. It’s quick and painless and you’ll want to do it ASAP. Otherwise, after three consecutive years of not filing your chapter will automatically lose its tax-exempt status.

You can use this link to file. If you have questions, Tara Puckey, Chapter Coordinator, can help (, 317.920.4784).

Return to sender?!

At SPJ HQ, we know how badly everyone wants to get their bright and shiny SPJ card in the mail when they join, so we get sad every time our friendly postal worker brings back a stack of returned cards. Plus, it costs us money that we could be spending on other awesome journalism training programs, which makes us extra sad.

So do us a solid and remind members that if they’re pulling up the stakes to move, let us know ASAP. We’ll be grateful, they’ll be grateful and our post office will probably be grateful, too.

It’s a major award!

Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves since the holidays are right around the corner. Anyway, we’re really talking about actual major awards – our Sigma Delta Chi Awards and the Mark of Excellence Awards, which honor outstanding professional and student journalism, respectively.

Please take a few minutes to pass on deadline information to your chapter members:

Sigma Delta Chi Awards: Opened Nov. 3 and closes Feb. 6
Mark of Excellence Awards: Opened Nov. 3 and closes Jan. 23

Questions about awards can be sent to our Awards Coordinator, Abbi Martzall (, 317.920.4791).

SPJ Leads just got a makeover

Looks aren’t everything, but they’re certainly going to help Leads, our members only weekly emails. 

A whole new feel will still bring you the same great news about SPJ programs, industry news and other insider info.

So what does this mean for you? A few things you need to know about the spiffy new Leads:

  • If your chapter does cool stuff, be sure to tell us about it by Monday each week so we can feature it in Leads on Wednesday (we can’t guarantee to include everything we receive so send early and send often)
  • When you submit info, send it to Taylor Carlier, our Communications Coordinator,
    • Include a short (as in 200 words or less) write up
    • A graphic or photo (required)

Chat with the law

You know communication is key. Because of that, we’re asking chapters across the country to open constructive dialogue with law enforcement officers in their communities. It’s imperative that those sworn to protect and serve do their jobs without jeopardizing the journalist’s responsibility to the public.

So talk it out.

Traveling training, drink of choice and fair use

Where has October gone? Before you know it, we’ll be packing up the pumpkins and bringing out the shovels. Well, at least we will at SPJ HQ in Indianapolis. Just a few quick updates before we roll into a new month:

Traveling Training

Some of you may have already attended the Scripps Leadership Institute in Indianapolis. If not, you should know it’s an amazing resource, not only for you as a leader of SPJ, but for your own professional development. The program focuses on your leadership style, working with others, effectively leading a chapter and provides tons of ideas for you to take home and share with your fellow SPJers.

While Indianapolis is an incredibly amazing city, we’ve decided to take the show on the road and bring this great program to your backyard by visiting four regions per year. We’d like to train two or three members of your chapter board, creating a mini retreat for you to process ideas, make plans and learn about working together to build a better chapter.

The website has been updated to reflect changes about the traveling gig, and applications will be accepted soon for our first location, a farewell stop in Indianapolis. Check out when the program will stop at a city near you and start thinking about what current and future leaders you’ll send off for a blissful weekend of everything SPJ.

Your drink of choice?

Instagram contests are one of our favorites. We love to see and share moments from our members. Last week we launched another contest: #JournoJuice. Upload a picture of whatever gets you through the day to Instagram with the hashtag #journojuice before Oct. 24 and win a prize. What is it? You’ll have to follow us on Instagram (spj_pics) to find out as we’ll be posing sneaky pictures of it this week.

You can check out our Pinterest board dedicated to the contest for all the glorious drinks (and mugs, cups and flowers). In the meantime, here are some of our favorites.

If anyone finds a replica of @lauranberta’s mug, please mail to SPJ HQ. Attention: Tara Puckey. No, really.

Looks like @marksluckie’s office is always fun…

Our friend @giornalista515 has some Halloween spirit!

This concoction created by Instagramer @verocraker looks, um, delicious.


A fair use program

The next episode of Studio SPJ will feature Patricia Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi, two American University professors who are the authors of “Reclaiming Fair Use – How to Put Balance Back in Copyright.” The program will air at 3:30 p.m. ET on Nov. 10.

Improve your understanding of fair use and how it applies to your work by listening to this 30-minute program live or later as a podcast.

We’ll show you ours…

Our desks, that is. And we want to see yours.

SPJ is now on Instagram (@spj_pics) and we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at everything SPJ. So this week, we’ll be posting pictures of our offices at SPJ Headquarters in Indianapolis for you to judge, love and critique. Then, show us your desks – whether you’re a freelancer, broadcaster or working in a traditional newsroom – we want to see it (before you tidy up)!

Hashtag your office pictures #spjdesklove on Instagram before 4 p.m. on Friday, July 27 and the office with the most likes will be featured on our Facebook page and win a fabulous SPJ prize!

Tony, SPJ Creative Director, likes a little Batman to get him through the day. #spjdesklove

Linda, Director of Membership, recently made a shoe purchase… Crocs, anyone? #spjdesklove

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